Monday, November 8, 2010

yes, ANOTHER video!!

today is my dear hubby's birthday and in honor of this festive occasion- enjoy!

happy birthday, dear bilbo baggins, happy birthday to you!

grateful today:
1. for a husband who has stood by me no matter what craziness i have subjected him to
2. for a husband who has been a wonderful father no matter what craziness we have subjected him to
3. for a husband who is a superior grandfather no matter what craziness he is subjected to


  1. Happy Birthday dear Bilbo - till 120!!!
    You have a nice wife!!!!

  2. LOVE the chipmunks..they have superb harmony! Happy BIRTHDAY dear Bilbo, and many more. MUCH happiness to all :) And thanks for the big smile I have on my face!

  3. ...and Happy Birthday to the best SIL ever!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Bilbo!!! Thank you for sharing your crazy wife with us :-)