Sunday, October 3, 2010

fire up the family fun

saturday, we cleared some stuff out of the shed and sold most of it in an impromptu yard sale on the front lawn. gone went t.willie's crib, stroller, car seat, high chair and some toys. gone went an old desk and chair, a dog kennel, an animal trap, a set of old, used book cases bilbo had gotten from someone and a few more things.

later, bilbo dug out a tent he had bought from a friend last year. we had never opened it and looked at it. so, with the "help" of t.willie, we set it up out back. it's a great coleman tent that had never been used. t.w. LOVED it! he had to go inside and check it out right away. he liked all the zippers on the windows and door. he spent some time rolling back and forth across the floor. he also spent some time running around the outside and looking in each window at us. having the tent up inspired us to have a bonfire, so we planned one for the next day.

soooo, last night, we had a good old-fashioned wienie roast here at the hellhole. i had gotten the provisions earlier in the day- hot dogs, buns, long-handles forks and the makins' for smores. bilbo came home with a surprise fire pit. we'd been wanting one for a long time. the whole fam was psyched, already tasting those fire roasted hot dogs in our minds.

please note all the flattering mid-chewing shots! (not sure what kaye is doing-shooing away a bug or maybe practicing her miss america wave- you decide)

the sky all day had been clear and blue, so we knew it was going to be a beautiful evening. we had all gotten our plates full and sat down to eat, just as clouds starting moving over and the wind picked up! ugh! the fire flitted and sparked, but it was very cozy. before we could finish eating, the clouds had moved on and a million starts came out-yay!

the food, tasted so good and even though we were full, we had to have smores to finish off the meal. (i had two!) elle suddenly said she saw a shooting star and so we started looking for them. soon bilbo said he had seen one too. then elle got the idea to lay a sleeping bag out on the grass and lie down to stargaze. picture me, bilbo, t.w and elle all laying there(kaye had gone in) like sardines with another sleeping bag spread out over us. it was very cozy! t.w. kept saying, "this is too much fun!" it was really great to have a family evening together, spending time outside, laughing and having a good time. we rarely do that. and if t.willie has anything to say about it, i think we will be having more evenings like that one in the months to come.

it WAS too much fun!!
(i apologize for the poor quality of some of the pics. it was hard to get my camera to adjust to the dusk light and some pics were taken with bilbo's camera)

1. for family
2. for fallish evenings
3. for food eaten outdoors


  1. lovely gratefuls
    & i adore the
    yarn bombings
    let's all soak
    in our beautiful lives!!

  2. Love t.willie's squirrel cheeks, the fact that b.b has his glasses on to eat and that you all made like sardines by the fire! Good happy memory-making fun! Roll on more shooting stars :)

  3. Nothing more pleasurable than a family gathering with food, children, laughter, joy...
    I am glad you just had one dear Joanne!!

  4. What a great fun evening!! Everyone needs to have family funtime now and then. :)

  5. Sounds like a lovely evening with your family - and forget the exposures - those photos are great! They really tell a story - even that mid-chew shot :)

  6. Wonderful....nothing like a weinie roast and smores and family to share them. and love the star watching!

  7. Looks like fun!

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  8. Aww this sounds like so much fun! You know what? I haven't had a single s'mores this year. Isn't that sad?