Friday, October 8, 2010

heaven help us, he's three!!

so, today is t.willie's birthday. he's three. i just hope his third year goes better than his mother's third year. she was the most difficult, headstrong, stubborn, strong-willed, obstinate, determined, cantankerous, persistent, intelligent, clever and independent child that ever was in the history of EVER!

i still say, she was lucky to survive that third year. she was awful. she made me cry. she made me pull out my hair. she made me bang my head on hard surfaces. she made me forget my name and dribble my soup.

however, she is still a lot of those adjectives, but in a good way. in fact, i am pretty darn proud to be her mother. and now, t.w. shows signs of being even more so of all those things than her. pray for us. pray long and hard, cuz we're gonna need all the help we can get!

1. for all the wonderful, awful kids on the face of the earth. amen.


  1. Happy Birthday to the little guy!!

  2. He can't be three. O woe is me! Argh. Happy birthday t.willie and Jo, there's some Valium on its way! LOL

  3. Happy Birthday Sunny boy!!!
    Congratulations Joanne!!! Don't worry, you will survive!! :-)
    AND: This kid is so fortunate to have a grandmother like you and I am sure he loves you dead!!!

  4. LOL I KNOW he "loves you dead"!! Three years has passed quickly, and so will this third year. You'll make it...