Friday, October 15, 2010

the best $25 i ever spent!

warning: gushing and exclamation points ahead. proceed with caution.

i had a massage today. have you ever had a massage? i have, a few times, and they were all pretty good. but now, i have found jennifer-she is hands down(pun intended) the BEST massage therapist i have ever met! she is SO good, that if i weren't already married to bilbo, i'd marry her!! oh, get over it! i didn't say i wanted to sleep with her, i said i'd marry her!!

she does a form of swedish/deep tissue massage, and all i can say is-aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
aaaaaand, she charges just $25 for a half hour session!!!!!!! unheard of!

i have had bad neck pain since high school ( moons ago). and as the years pass by, my neck just gets worse and worse. but after my last massage with jennifer a couple weeks ago, i have had relief for the first time in YEARS!

after today's session, i decided i am making an appointment with her twice a month. my health and my sanity NEED this! if you are local to the hellhole and need the services of jennifer-the-amazingly-awesome-massage-chick, email me and i will give you the details. you won't be sorry.

1. for jennifer
2. in my life-
3. i just LOVE that girl!


  1. I never had a massage in my life - well, I mean a professional one - may be I should try it! You made is sound marvelous! Of course I guess it depends on the therapist - could you send this Jennifer over here? :-)

  2. I had a shiatsu massage once and it hurt like a mother!! lol I've never had a Swedish massage but my hair stylist with the giant hands offers them. I'm tempted now after hearing this but need to get over the naked/feeling chubby thing. I know, tmi...sounds like you are off to great start this weekend :)

  3. Oooo, you are brave Jo! I've heard they hurt like the dickens. Worse than a chiropractor! But hey if it works, keep having it; I ditto Val's comments about chubby/naked thing :)

  4. I am glad that Jennifer is now your bestest friend. Only a little jealous... :(
    Actually, I'm thrilled that you are FINALLY getting some relief for your neck! :)