Tuesday, April 27, 2010

this, two, shall pass

two year olds- can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!! it seems like, as soon as t.willie hit the 2 1/2 year mark, he became a "terrible two"! OMG!! he is moody and whiny and demanding.

this morning, as i was pouring his milk into his cup, he said "i want chocolate milk!" so i began to spoon out a small bit of chocolate, and he says "i don't want da chocolate." and i ask, "you don't want chocolate milk?" "yeah", he says. so i try to confirm that, indeed, he DOES NOT want chocolate milk. "you don't want chocolate milk, right?" he answers, "yeah, want da special (chocolate) milk."

at this point, i am already ready to scream and i've only been up for 20 minutes! so i start to add the powder to his cup and he starts screeching loudly, "no chocolate, no chocolate!" i drop the spoon and whip the lid on his cup and just about throw it at him! "here!", i say, "drink yer ding dang milk!" yeah, i know, i know, i stooped to his level! but, it's hard to be rational when it is a dark, chilly day and you are still half asleep.

so, i shakily grab my cup of coffee and sip it like it's liquid life-support. meanwhile, t.w is whining and crying and carrying on about not having chocolate milk, and how life is unfair and he's hungry and in pain, etc., etc. at least, i think that's what he was saying. it was kinda hard to tell.

and the thing is, he never used to have chocolate milk in the morning- or ever-i started giving him that back when the weather was so cold in the mornings. i figured he needed a warm drink to start the day, just like us! what a damn mistake that was! now, of course, he wants it every morning.

so, i was thinking about how i created this mayhem for myself and i thought, "okay, from now on, he only gets plain milk in the morning." but then i thought, "well, when he has the chocolate, he chugs the milk down. at least i know he'll drink it." so then i am having this mental argument with myself, listing the pros and cons of the milk debate!

"okay, on the one hand, the chocolate adds sugar and calories."

"yeah, but the amount i add is so small, it's only about 15 calories and 3 grams of sugar. he's so little, he could use 15 extra calories."

"yeah, but if he doesn't have a choice, he'll drink it and you won't have to go through this agony."

"i know, i know. but he really likes the chocolate milk."

"get over it!"

so, there ya go, i've made up my mind! the nestle quick is getting tucked back into the recesses of the cabinet. no more whiny tirades in the mornings!

until he decides to get ornery about which cereal he wants...or doesn't want...yeah, he wants it...no, not that one, the other one...aaaaagh!!!

will it ever end???????

grateful that:
1. coffee exists
2. rainy days grow grass and flowers and things
3. t.w's cuteness saves him from strangling (kidding! i'm kidding!)

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  1. Ahh... But he's SO cute!! I say give him whatever he wants. LOL