Thursday, October 28, 2010

the wreck of the hellhole fitzgerald

ok, so that is not our last name. and ok, so the hellhole is not all that wrecked. but we did have a pretty powerful storm two days ago and our yard is a mess.

tuesday, there were severe storm and tornado warnings all day. late afternoon, the wind had started to pick up and the rain came down hard. well, down does not aptly describe the direction of the rain- it was actually horizontal, as was the wind. when the hail stones joined in, it was pretty intense. i was home alone, so i ran around frantically closing windows, since the temps had been 80 degrees.

i usually love a good storm, but this had me a bit worried. it was coming straight at the front of the house and it did run through my mind that it could break the picture window glass. the trees whipped wildly about and the patio umbrella above t.w's sandbox was trashed and my butterfly bush was laying flat on the ground. as i looked out to check on buster, he was sitting in his doghouse with nothing but his nose poking out, as if to say "what's all this?

i was worried about kaye and t.willie because, last i knew, they had been on their way home. i was afraid they were in the car in the midst of it. (later found out, they hadn't left town yet and were safe) i knew my mom had been to town and called dad to check on her. when i called bilbo to check on him, he said he had been stuck on the interstate for 45 minutes because there had been a bad wreck. i knew elle was okay because she had been busy moving her stuff to a new apartment and was checking in with me every few minutes!

it is always at times like these, when we worry and get concerned for our loved ones. then, it's always a relief to have everyone back home safely, where you can see them and hug 'em and say "don't scare me like that!". so, just wishing you all the security of knowing where your loved ones are and hoping you're all okay. now, call your mother, she's worried about you!

a very tuckered out t.w. after he finally made it home.

1. that storms pass
2. that my loved ones are close...sometimes a little too close!
3. that my trees have been thoroughly pruned


  1. First - that is the most fantastic blog entry title - EVER!!! A friend of mine and I joke about that song all the time.
    All kidding aside - I am so glad you are your peeps are safe & sound. Sounds like a seriously scary time. I feel the same way about storms but they've been getting pretty scary here, too. With tornados & stuff - not NJ weather. Here's to more peaceful weather in the land of the Hellhole :)

  2. Oh yes life has always scary stuff to offer! Here it is seldom the weather, but we have our fair share to deal with frightening issues sometimes! I can relate to your worries and understand them very good Joanne!
    Good that the storm passed without harming any one and not causing to much damage either!

    (The kitty is doing great, eating by itself already - chicken liver did the trick!)

  3. Yes I experienced that same storm and it was a bad one. Everyone here was present or accounted for too!! Glad all went well by you too and the trees are happily pruned.

  4. Storms CAN be very scary, but what a blessing to have loved ones to worry about at times like these. Especially when all is well in the end. :)

  5. I hate angry storms...they frighten me...trees falling, seas whipped into a freanzy, lives lost...thank God you all came through unscathed, though t.w. looks thoroughly pooped!