Monday, October 25, 2010

amazin' acres of fun, ya'll!

right down the road from us is a family-run farm. years ago, this family started having a corn maze, hay rides and such every fall. they call their farm "amazin' acres of fun", cuz it is.

and each year, it has been getting bigger and better. schools and church groups take trips to the farm and it is pretty popular 'round these parts.
so, saturday me, mom, elle, family friend jared and t.willie spent about two and a half hours there. we went on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch, petted and aw'd at all the cute animals, and watched as t.w. had lotsa farm kid fun.

there were a couple slides, one in a barn:

there was a "corn crib", this was t.w.'s favorite thing:

there were some nice animals:

and t.w. even got to milk a cow!

he really enjoyed the hay ride, although he wasn't so sure about it at the beginning. after the tractor started up and the ride got moving, he said re-assuredly "it's fun, it's not scary!" although, i'm not sure who exactly he was reassuring!

the kid's pumpkin patch was not so much a growing patch, but more of a let's-throw-the-small-pumpkins-out-here-so-kids-can-pick-them-up patch. t.w. had a difficult time narrowing down his choices.

it was a long and exhaustive search.

but finally, a winner was chosen.

and i can't tell you how hard it was for me to resist taking this little punkin home!

much fun was had by all. it was a beautiful day for some outdoor fall-ish fun.

jared and elle

me, t.w. and g.g (mom)


  1. Oh Joanne, I enjoyed this post so much! Wonderful photos of a marvelous day! I feel like I was there with you! That little boy had so much fun - he will remember this, that's for sure!!!

  2. What a great day for all of you!!! Fall is fun!!!

  3. It WAS a fun day!! The best part was watching that little boy enjoying himself. Hopefully it will become one more family tradition...

  4. This is a magical post, Jo! I loved all the pix and you all look so happy :) that t.willie Just gets cuter 'n' cuter, what a super personality he has and such an expressive face. Lovely to see the family having fun!

  5. your 'lil punkin' is pretty freaking cute in his khakis and sneakers!

  6. I felt like I was there with ya. Great post!!