Wednesday, October 13, 2010

which hazel?

so, as i've stated, the mosquitoes here have been hellishly awful. every time t.willie and i would go outside, we'd both end up with numerous bites.' were most impressive because they would turn red and swell up to giant-size. to help with the itching, i would apply witch hazel.

one day recently, t.w. and i were in the bathroom dabbing at our bites when we had this conversation:

he: "what that stuff is gammie?"

me: "witch hazel."

he: "right there."

me: "witch hazel."

he: "which one?"

me (catching on): "this one right here?" pointing to the bottle

he: "yeah, gammie, what's that?"

me: "witch hazel."

he: "gammie! gammie! that one right there!?"

me (laughing very much): "wiiiiiiiitch haaaaaazel!"

he: "which one?"

me (holding up the bottle): "this is called witch hazel. get it?"

he: "what gammie? hazel?"

me (just laughing..........)

it was just like an abbott & costello "who's on first" skit-oh, the fun and merriment! you had to be there.

1. for the laughter
2. that mosquito madness will be over soon
3. for my ole pal, hazel


  1. Which one??
    What would we do without kids and laughter? This blog is where I come when I need a laugh.

  2. LOL - great story Joanne! Sorry the skeeters are eating you alive :(

  3. Too bad you have skeetees to contend with..I remember that old movie with Abbott and Costello. V.v.funny. Poor t.willie he must be so confused...they say English is a hard language to learn! Poor baby :)