Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's a wrap!

hey, have you heard about yarn bombing?!

apparently it's all the rage all around the world. wikipedia describes the practice as : a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk.

here is a news video about a group in denver called the ladies fancywork society:

the idea is that, while painted graffiti is damaging and permanent, yarn bombing is non-damaging and temporary. some projects are large, such as this bus:

but most are small, like this pole:

a group of texas bloggers claim to have started the craze when trying to find creative ways to use their leftover and unfinished projects.

no matter where it came from, i think it's pretty cool!! check out each link to learn more.


  1. That is pretty darned cool! Thanks for sharing this, I had never heard about it before. Love that chain link!
    Thanks for your very nice comment Joanne - you really made me smile with that one. You are a sweetie!

  2. This is a way cool art form...I'd never heard of it before now. My faves are the bus and the London phone box! Sooo colourful! Lovely share, Jo :)

  3. WOW WOW WOW - THIS is awesome!!1
    Yes I have heard about it - it seems to be very popular in Australia. Strangely enough I heard about it from my son, who has an Internet friend from Australia - she told him about it.
    I love this idea! Crazy people!

  4. You never know what you'll wind up yarning about!

  5. WOW!! That is SO cool! And to think I got rid of all my old yarn... :(