Thursday, June 17, 2010

days of whine and noses

oh my dog! what a day!

so, ok, t.willie and i had a pretty good morning; the usual stuff, he-playing, me-cleaning. then, after lunch, i really needed a nap, him-not so much! i put him in his crib, he settles down, making me think, maybe he will sleep.

i settle down on the couch and close my eyes. just after i take a deep, much-earned breath, i hear him. he is crying, his pain cry! i rush into his room and he is holding his mouth. "did you hurt your mouth?" i ask. he is crying and drooling and mumbling something. i tell him to stop crying because i can't understand him. so he chokes it down and says "my crib hurt me." i could tell, he wasn't really injured badly. so i laugh and smack the crib rail and say "you mean old crib! leave t.w. alone!" well, this makes him giggle but then he starts coughing because his nose is stuffy from crying.

so, i pick him up and get a tissue to wipe his nose. we go through the nap time routine again, although a bit quicker. he can barely hold his eyes open and i am thinking yes! he's going to nap!

uh uh. after about ten minutes of silence, i hear him again. he is in there shrieking and singing and thumping against the wall. i can tell, there will be no sleeping. and i won't get much of a break. i decide to just rest for ten minutes and then go in there.

so i go and open his door and this is what greeted me:

you may be thinking "hmm, it looks like that kid is naked." well, he was. not only naked, but his clothes had been thrown in all directions and he was in the act of taking the pillow case off his pillow. i know from experience, his sheet and blanket would be next.

i picked him up with a loud sigh and he said "i make you happy?"

"oh yeah, i'm ecstatic."

as the afternoon wore on, t.willie became increasingly grouchy and whiney. he was doing anything he could to make me mad. i would yell at him or smack him and he would start crying with this pitiful, offended look. then he would pinch his nose declaring "i need a tissue, gammie." he was so snotty after a couple of hours, that he took to just carrying a tissue in his hand!

finally, we went outside. but only after applying this burt's bees bug repellent my sister sent me. and also, after t.w. having a fit over which bug repelling arm band he would wear (also from my sister). we were outside for about 15 minutes when he began wailing and shaking his head. he had been playing in his sand box and i realized he had gotten sand in his eyes. so i am trying to gently wipe the sand away, while also trying to keep him from touching his eyes with his sandy hands!

he was getting frantic, so i decided to just pick him up and bring him into the house. i had bilbo hold him while i got a wet wash cloth to wipe his eyes. finally, he started calming down and wanted to go back outside. but he needed his nose wiped again. right about then, i noticed a very large welt on his right temple. a damn mosquito had gotten him despite all the buggish precautions! tarnation!!

at this point, i was exhausted. no way was i taking that kid back outside! he started to complain, but i began filling the bath tub for him. the distraction worked and the before dinner hour went smoothly, as did the rest of the evening. bedtime came early though, this grandma has had it...i'm pooped!

1. that this day is over....


  1. Don't we love to be a grandmother!!!! :-)

  2. Oh man! What a rough day! Sounds like quite a handful. :)

  3. LOL Never a dull moment at the hellhole!!
    This, too, shall pass... :)