Tuesday, June 22, 2010

not too hot for this dude

t.willie received a new book in the mail. he thought he'd settle down on the porch to read it. in the 97 degree heat.

he is one cool dude.

(oh, and those are the end tables i got at a yard sale for five bucks. that's cool too)

grateful today:
1. for new friends
2. for old friends
3. heck, let's be real, i'm grateful for anyone that wants to hang with me!


  1. What a wonderful scene this is! I'm glad I get to hang with you and t.willie for a few minutes here!!

  2. OH! I should mention those end tables..I love bargains and finds!!

  3. Or we could call him chilly willie...

  4. This is such a lovely photo! He's sitting there like in a directors chair and with so much confidence - what a kid!!!

  5. what a smart relaxed kid! 5 bucks? I think they should start yard sales at 5:30 in the afternoon so I could get 1st picks. Let the early bird get the worm!