Thursday, June 24, 2010

i like how the day sounds

sometimes, while living here in the hellhole, in our small town, in the south, in my small existance- i miss out on things. oh, i'm not talking about big things like electricity or running water. but little things.

like for instance, our household has no type of television cable or dish hook-up, so we miss out on the popular shows that folks like to talk about. i have never seen grey's anatomy, true confession. i'm sure it's a great show; my friend,v, never misses an episode. i have never seen it, i can't really miss it! right?

the same cannot be said for music. i listen to pandora when i'm in the house and to sirius radio in the car. i rarely hear a radio station and so don't know what is the current music playing. as a result, i do miss an artist or song that might have been meaningful to me.

recently, while watching an episode of army wives (on the computer!), i heard a song that prompted me to discover the title and artist. of course, i googled the lyrics and came up with greg laswell. i then looked up the title "how the day sounds" on youtube and was treated to the full song and it's very fun video. apparently, the cd, three flights from alto nido, was released in 2008. so, for two years, i have missed hearing this awesome song. not to worry, in the few days since i found it, i have played that video over and over many times! (in fact, it's playing right now)

so if you already knew about this band, congrats to you! if not, please do yourself a favor and (after you finish reading this post) follow the link to youtube and watch the video- over and over!

how the day sounds (i tried to embed the video here but could not get the code)


1. for the discovery of this band
2. for the torrential downpour that watered my garden
3. especially for the few seconds that kaye hesitated going through that intersection yesterday. it may have saved her life!


  1. aurora dear what a creative site...and thank you for the visit you made to my place.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment.

    I will be following you :)
    see you soon
    Burlap Luxe

  2. I have somehow missed this great artist as well. Thanks for the heads up.......I love them! Have now listened to many of their songs, and love them all.

  3. Oh my god, what happened at that intersection?
    So glad your daughter is save!!!

  4. Hey I must have missed them too and I really liked the video. I sent it to my son's email - he must have heard of them - he is a music person. Thanks - we may miss things - but whatever we need always shows up anyhow.....some way or another.....