Monday, June 21, 2010

hot as hell, oh, hot as hell!!!

happy solstice! happy first official day of summer!

okay, i'm over it. can we have fall now? i mean, what is with the temperatures?? and the humidity?? it has been SO hot, that you could cook an egg on a sidewalk. (isn't that the saying?)

or you could make 'smores on my forehead

or you could bake a ham on a tin roof

or you could boil water in a dog bowl (ask my dog, he'll tell ya!)

or you could make a pancake with a hand shake

or cook a goat in a boat

or fry some meat on my feet

or...or.....i. feel. woozy........i. think. it's. the. heat.........

i do not like the heat i say
i do not like it-go away
i do not like it in the car
i do not like it near or far

i will not will not
smile i say
i might i might
faint straight away

i think the heat is really stupid
i do i do, and so is humid
they are mean and so not nice
not like winter, with its ice
i do not like the heat, it's true
i do not like it, how 'bout you?

2. spring
3. fall


  1. ROFL So nice to have a laugh before I head to bed. Perhaps I'll dream of sizzling green eggs...

  2. PS: I love your new profile photo!!

  3. hihihihihi!


    We have 39 degree here today and it is sooo humid - are you topping it???

  4. I knew it was hotter'n hell down there in the hole. I do not like it anywhere!!!

  5. Cute and funny! Hope it cools off though!

  6. OMG how cute! Thanks for the giggle and thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment! Hugs and come see me again:)