Wednesday, June 30, 2010

garden of eatin'

i have a very small herb garden that has grown over a bit in the last few years. i pulled a bunch of weeds out and realized that the soil was needing more care than i had time to give. so i decided to grow this season's plants in pots. in the fall, when the plants are spent, i will add the soil to the garden bed for next year.

this year, i replaced the sage i had let get choked out and also catnip and basil. i know basil is supposed to be an annual, but i have had it return in past years. oh, i dearly love basil! i tried to find some purple basil but was unsuccessful. if you have never smelled purple basil (purple ruffles), you NEED to! it is SO good, more intense than regular basil. i really miss it!

i have also planted parsley, curly and flat leaf. and tomatoes-lots of tomatoes! i have patio, cherry, big beef and roma maters. i planted yellow bell peppers and a cute little yellow ball cucumber.

i have been waiting patiently and today, have eaten my first cherry tomato-YUM!! can't wait for those first big tomatoes...get the bacon and lettuce ready!!

meet prince rupert:"uh, hello, nice to meet you. have ya got any flies?"

grateful for:
1. the pleasures of a garden
2. fresh veggies and herbs
3. time to reflect


  1. Love your title - you are just so witty - ah but you already know this. I will be ashamed to show you my non-herb garden - meaning I did not grow a thing this year and usually I grow everything. I also love basil and make pesto with it. Rupert is very princely - have you kissed him yet??

  2. WONDERFUL!! Love all these pics of your garden spot!

  3. Yes me too! The photos are so lovely! Growing cherry tomatoes in the garden is like heaven (I love them), everyday you can pick some and if you eat them immediately they are still warm from the sun and even more tasty! And you have basil! You need some mozzarella cheese and you have the three ingredients for a wonderful salad!! (Hm, a few roasted pine nuts added will make the salad REALLY delicate!)

  4. What a cute lil'ol'garden you have!

  5. Prince Rupert is so cute! What a great fella to have in the garden.
    I wanted to thank you for your kind words over on my blog, it means so much to me, thank you.