Monday, June 14, 2010

lunch with a friend

today, t.willie had a friend over. ray is about a week younger than t.w.

we made a tent out of a sheet. they played and watched movies and fought and played some more, and had a pretty good time.

lunch was ham and cheese sandwiches. when you're two and a half, life is good.

(hmm, something tells me that little ray is not as used to a camera as t.w.!)


after the disaster that was our weekend, things are returning to normal. bilbo baggins brought home a new hot water heater and installed it-YAY! a warm shower tomorrow will be an improvement to the three inch deep, luke warm bath i took last night.

and mom's dryer just needed a new belt and that was taken care of today, as well.

all's right with my little corner of the world...for now...!

grateful for:
1. warm water to bathe in
2. clean clothes to wear
3. friends to share a meal with


  1. What a fun blog! I have been sitting here giggling to myself as I read your past posts. I love that you have a gratitude list, great stuff! :)