Monday, June 7, 2010

honey do list

i was jotting down a few things that i needed bilbo to do-a honey do list, actually. i had things like:

1) drill hole in ceramic pot

2) redo weather stripping around doors

3) dig up and re-plant the redbud tree that planted itself

and it got me thinking...about all the honey don'ts i would have on a honey don't list.

things like, don't:

1) leave dirty clothes on floor (in front of hamper)

2) leave empty food containers on counter (six inches from trash can)

3) walk through the house with your muddy boots

but, as i was thinking of these items, i was also thinking that:

1) those dirty clothes come off of the guy i love

2) those empty food containers are from the guy i love who provides for me anything and everything i need

3) he walks through the house in those muddy boots to kiss me good-bye while i am still in bed in the morning

so, yes, i do still need him to do those little jobs for me, but as for the honey don't list...never mind.
click on the above image to be taken to ddsdoubles etsy shop. this cute handmade honey do list is just $10.00!
1. for my guy
2. for wind chimes on a breezy day
3. for funny kids


  1. Thanx for the reminder. Sometimes I dwell too much on the honey-don't stuff...

  2. This is a very lovely post - yes and a great reminder to remember the important things in life! Thank you!!