Sunday, June 13, 2010

it's my potty and i'll cry if i want to!

*we never know the worth of water til the well is dry* thomas fuller

this weekend, my hubby, bilbo, started working on my mom and dad's bathroom. he is ripping out the floor and walls and re-doing the plumbing. he has had to arrange for a porta potty at the house, as they won't have a toilet for a few days.

so yesterday, saturday, he spent the day working on that and my mom and i went yard saleing. we had the BEST time, it was a great day for treasures and bargains. it was so hot and humid that sellers went way down on prices so they could unload their junk quickly!

as i returned home, though, i was greeted by kaye, who told me that there was "something flooding the (enclosed) carport!" i went in to find water seeping quickly throughout the floor. as i went over to the washer and dryer, i could hear water running. OH NO, what the....?!!

i called bilbo at my parent's house and told him what was going on. he is a professional commercial plumber and he knows his stuff. he asked me to check the hot water heater and as i did, i realized it was the cause of the leak. water was just flowing out of the top seal of it! he tried to tell me where to locate a turn off valve but i was having trouble moving it. it was above the tank and out of my reach. so, he said he was on his way home. anyway, the water was eventually turned off and i soaked up what water i could with towels.

since he had to turn the hot water heater off, we only had cold water. i had to heat water this morning to wash the dirty dishes that were in the dishwasher! i washed my hair in the sink with cold water- talk about refreshing!

meanwhile, i had to do some laundry, so i realized i'd have to take it over to my mom's and use her washer. i did one load and put the wet stuff in her dryer. i pushed the button to turn it on and it made a thunk sound. the dryer started humming but i could tell the tub wasn't turning. i opened the door to look and saw that nothing had moved.

sonofa...!!!!! i can not tell you the absolute frustration and dread i felt at that moment! not only did i have to remove the wet clothes, but now my mother would maybe accuse me of breaking her dryer!! i am not too proud to tell ya, i almost cried!

so here is the situation as of right now, sunday afternoon...

i have a usable toilet but no hot water for showers and such

my mom has hot water for showers and such but no toilet

i have a working dryer but cannot run my washer

and my mom has a working washer but no working dryer

between the two households, we have one complete bathroom and one working set of washer and dryer!

oh, it's going to be a looooong week...........

1. that the working potty is at MY house
2. that i am on intimate terms with the plumber
3. that we can always go out and buy clean clothes


  1. Sitting at my puter, laughing out loud... Maybe my abode should be dubbed "hellhole II". Actually, we are holding up quite well; looking forward to a pretty new bathroom in the not too distant future (I hope). No comment on the porta potty under the maple tree in my front yard. :) And no blame on you for the dryer snafu. It was just its time, I guess.

  2. Oh Jo I've had days like that and oh too many to count. My husband and sons are handy but that's not the point - why can't everything just run smooth like for a month yeah a month would be nice - no ceptic tank backups - no well water shut offs - no bills due - yeah.
    Me today I am thankful for a new friend.

    Blue Otter

  3. Not to mention that the drive between the two abodes is considerable.
    Sorry for all the "bad luck" - that's what I call it. But sometimes there is a spell of good luck.

  4. Ya'll can come to the Knoxville Hellhole if it gets too bad. I have hot and cold water, working washer and dryer.....but, alas, no air conditioning, ugh.

  5. Oh my! I totally laughed out loud! Boy I hate when I have weeks like that!! Here's to working toilets and laundry!! xo Cait