Wednesday, June 9, 2010

chairish is the word

summertime, and the living is easyyyyyyy! well, it would be if it wasn't hot and humid and bug-gy and if we could sit outside and enjoy the view. but, alas, it is all those things aaaaaannndd we do not have any type of comfortable outside seating here at the hellhole.

i was checking around online and found some interesting patio chairs. i totally fell in love with these little numbers from anthropologie:

oh yeah, they are gorgeous, made in argentina and, at only $298, i think i will get all four!! (NOT!)

then, there is this little blue number from

it's not really my style, too modern and it is one dollar more than the last ones!

and speaking of modern, here is an awesomely beautiful set from designer david trubridge:
he is from new zealand and i could not even find out the price for these, though i bet they are out of my price range!

pier1 has several reasonably priced beauties, i love this red one:

made in china, it is $79.99

and also from pier1, and in my favorite color:

made in viet nam and, at $39.98, the one i could actually afford! it's really cute!

now, if we could just deal with the mosquitoes, i could withstand the humidity, as long as i had my butt planted in a cool purple chair!

1. for take-out pizza
2.for living vicariously through magazines and decorating blogs
3. it's 8:35...he is in BED!


  1. Hi - you know what? All those fancy expensive chairs? Oh, yes, they are pretty!
    But mostly I like the Pier1 ones, especially the red one, but the purple one is cute too!
    While living in California for some years, Pier1 was one of my favorite shops!
    If only you could find a solution for those mosquitoes!

  2. Chairs as a blog post topic?? Only you could make even that fun and interesting... :)