Thursday, April 8, 2010

i'm gonna wash that washer right outta my hair

the old washing machine is breathing its last breaths! i noticed a couple days ago that the agitator is not agitating and bilbo doesn't know how to fix it, soooooooo..... that means we are getting a new one! i know, it's weird to be excited about a washing machine but hey, you know the history! so, we took a field trip to lowe's tonight to check out the contenders.

basically, this is the dream
and this is the reality
and that's ok, cuz i know they both basically do the same things, only one is prettier! it could be worse, i could be squatting down at the creek with a board and a rock!

so, this weekend, i guess we will be hauling home a new friend to help me with the laundry...and to that i say "YAY!"

grateful for:
1. modern technology
2. a hubby who takes care of my needs... (i'm talking about the appliances!!....wink wink)
3. everything i have...and don't have


  1. I am SO glad you will not be squatting down at the creek with a board and a rock.
    Perhaps you could blow up the photo of the "pretty" one and glue it to the front of yours?

  2. It's great that you have this space where you actually list what you are grateful for. With me, that is mostly in my head.
    I live in San Francisco where having a washing machine in your apartment would be a HUGE deal. It's not that there aren't these apartments out there, but they are expensive. But I'm grateful I get to live in this pretty city in my matchbox apartment. And that there's a laundromat around the corner where I can wash my clothes. Gratitude sure does change your way of looking at things.