Monday, April 12, 2010

highs and lowe's

hahaha good title, huh? i crack me up!!

this is the way i like to start my sunday mornings...with a big ole lowe's truck backing into my driveway! yes, the new washing machine has come home, and not a minute too soon, as the laundry has been piling up quickly!!

we had a great weekend, just working in the yard, playing with t.willie in his sandbox and eating at cracker barrel (thanks elle!) saturday night. nothing too exciting but i like it that way.

happy monday!

1. for less allergy symptoms
2. for SPRING, glorious spring!!
3. for that little half-naked boy in the other room who cracks me up over and over all day long!


  1. and next you can be grateful that i'm about to go fold all that freshly washed laundry!

  2. You crack ME up, too!! Bet this is the only blog post today, featuring a Lowe's truck... :)

  3. All right! A new washer! How exciting!