Friday, April 16, 2010

i think dandelions are dandy!

i know, i know, most folks think of dandelions as pesky weeds they wish would stay out of their lawns. i know they can seem to take over a lawn like crazy. but i like them...a lot!

i can't help it! they're so bright and sunny and they just get all up in yer face as if to say
"hi, it's me, gotta love me!"

yeah, and i even like them when they turn all gray and fuzzy. in fact, that's when they are the most fun! i really enjoy walking across the lawn kicking at 'em to release the seed heads and let 'em fly!!

now, maybe it would be different if i had one of those nice lush, green lawns that are actually grass! our lawn, here at the hellhole, is 1% grass and 99% clover (and dandelions)! and i even like the clover too, but only when it's kept short so the flowers don't bloom and cause the bees to hang out! because it's not fun if you happen to step on one.

here is a picture of our gardener busily mowing; boy, does he look hard at work!

he picked a dandelion flower and brought it to me saying, "here gammie, this dan-dee-lion for you!" (i know, it melts yer heart!)

hey, what's that over there?

oh, it's just buster!

he likes dandelions, too!!

i'm grateful tonight:
1. for all the little things that mean a lot
2. for time to sit in the sun
3. for sweet bouquets of weeds


  1. Now that's one dandy post!! Love your gardener, Buster's OK, but I could do without the dandelions...

  2. what a wonderful post and lovely pictures. you're lucky to have such a professional landscaper hard at work ;) buster is also adorable!
    i am NOT grateful for the snow that is currently falling on my lawn, however, so i'm going to need to borrow some of that sunshine!

    excellent blog :)

  3. susan, buster is more than OK!!
    and katie, thanks for the kind words!