Friday, April 9, 2010


WARNING- grossness alert!
if you have a weak stomach or are not used to small children, STOP reading now!!

t.willie and i were on our way to cookeville this morning. it takes about 25 minutes through rural hills and curves and is not a bad ride at all. well, as i like to keep an eye on what the lad is doing during a drive, i have my rear view mirror aimed at him. so, he is reading his books and chatting away, but then he gets kinda quiet.

i look up to see him pulling a juicy booger-snot out of his nose, and as usual, i reached back to hand him a tissue. now, he is a bright boy and usually neatly wipes the results of his nose-mining into the tissue. not this time. he held the tissue in the one hand but was fixated on the slimey thing on his finger in the other hand. and, as i watched, he put his finger and thumb together and watched as the booger-snot stretched as he pulled the fingers apart!

i chuckled a little as i told him to put it in his tissue, but he ignored me. open, close, open, close- he couldn't get enough of the stretching snot! no matter how many times i pleaded for him to wipe it in his tissue, he ignored was just TOO FASCINATING!! oy! two year olds!!!

you forget after your children are grown, about all the disgusting or embarrassing things they do. now, as a grandma, i get to relive all the fun!!

have a great weekend......

i'm grateful today:
1. that the above incident happened in the privacy of my car
2. that we got to have lunch with bilbo
3. that t.w. reminds me to not sweat the small (or gross) stuff


  1. Yuck!! But, at least he didn't eat it... :)

  2. Hey there A.F.!
    I just started reading your blog and I have to say that every post makes me laugh! It's nice to see how you all are doing, especially that grandson of yours since we only get to see him once a year and we miss out on the everyday (gross and non-gross) stuff. Keep writing, I'm lovin it :)

  3. This little boy is adorable!!!!!