Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i enjoy "joy the baker"

i recently discovered "foodie" blogs. they are blogs all about the cooking and baking, the tasting and eating and the LOVE of food.

i, myself mostly enjoy cooking and baking. but i definitely LOVE the tasting and eating of food! so i have really been enjoying the discovery of these blogs, which started with "the pioneer woman" about a year or so ago.

one such blog i find really amusing is "joy the baker." she is a young gal living in los angeles who loves to bake and write about it in a very humorous way. her april 1st post, titled "how to impress a boy by baking", really cracked me up!
she takes all her own photos and they are awesome.

check out this picture of a cake:

as a lover of all things blueberry, i MUST try this recipe for poppy seed cake with blueberry glaze!
mmmmm, and it's purple, my favorite color!!

she has a recipe for avocado pound cake that has me quite intrigued!

today's post, "what to do with all that buttermilk", has several yummy looking suggestions. until recently, i had never bought buttermilk, but i may be buying it more often, now!!!!

so , please check out joy's blog, she is one cool babe! and tell her aurorafedora sent ya!

grateful for:
1. my dog's big warm head under my desk
2. a little free time to myself
3. fun with t.willie

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  1. Joy is quite the baker!! Visited her blog and saw LOTS of interesting goodies. When are you going to make the poppyseed/blueberry glaze cake for me?? :)