Tuesday, April 6, 2010

something to sneeze at

i love the spring time, but, oh, i HATE the allergies! i have been sneezing my head off for the last three days, despite taking a daily allergy pill. so i decided to go online and look up some other solutions. here are a few of my favorites:

"lime- lime is considered an effective remedy for allergies. half a lime squeezed in a glass of lukewarm water and sweetened with a bit of honey may be taken first thing in the morning. it flushes the system of toxins and acts as an anti-allergic agent." ( add a shot or two of vodka and you won't care whether you have allergies or not!)

"garlic- eat a few garlic cloves a day to help clear the nasal passages and boost the immune system." (yeah, ok, one dose of this and i will claim my allergies are cured!)

"castor oil- five drops of castor oil in a glass of fruit juice is beneficial for allergies of the nasal passages. (again, i will announce i am miraculously cured after a dose of this!)

"avoid stress, do meditation, exercise, and mind control"- ok, avoid stress-check, meditate- check, exercise- check, mind control?? um, if i could do mind control, i would make my neighbor gag his damn yappy dog and get my daughters to clean my house every day! mind control, my ass!

"isolate your pets"- now this just sounds plain mean! punishing my animals by keeping them from each other is just inhumane!! what do i do, create little solitary confinement quarters for them? i will NOT do that!

"wear a face mask"- um...yeah, i'm thinking "no". not even on my worst allergic, swollen eyes, running nose day! unless, i also plan on robbing a bank......

"hire help, get someone else to do the household chores that stir up the most dust." (yeah, ok, that's where the mind control comes into play, right?)

then there are the extreme remedies:

"seal your bedding in plastic- if dust mites are the cause of your sneezing, sealing you mattress and pillow in plastic will bring relief." (yeah, it might, but the crunching and noise from the plastic will keep me awake and probably chase my hubby from the bed!)

"throw out your carpeting and rugs"- all i can say is, NOT gonna happen!

so, in the end, i am still at the mercy of the pollen and the drug industry.
maybe i will try that lime cure...wink wink!!

1. for the spring breeze
2. for a good book
3. for long naps, i can't say this enough!


  1. I'm considering that lime remedy of yours, too. Can't hurt...

  2. I'm more sneezy than you! trade ya! I like the garlic remedy as it serves dual purpose as a wonderful vampire repellent (so i've heard!)

  3. Oh, this is hard to deal with!! And I know in real life it is not always possible to follow all the advises!
    Nevertheless some more tips:
    Don't rub your eyes with your hands - ever!
    Go for a walk a f t e r the rain, less pollen in the air.
    Keep your windows closed, airing only once a day, preferably before eight in the morning or after seven in the evening.
    Undress in another room and leave your clothes there before going to bed, to keep your bed and sleeping room free of pollen.
    Cover your hair with a kerchief before going to sleep.
    Anti histamines could help, and there are other medicinal possibilities who might help - for those of course you have to see a physician.
    Lime is good - a lot of vitamin C!!!!
    Garlic is very healthy in any case!!!
    Hatshi, hatshi, hatshi!!!!!

  4. yael, thank you for all the good suggestions! and bless you!

  5. so what happens when you're allergic to EVERY tree? therefore also fruit grown on trees.... live in a bubble?