Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my love affair with the internet...shh, don't tell!

you may not know this, but i am an information junkie. yes, i like to know things. i have been known to actually sit and read an encyclopedia or a dictionary, just to see what i could learn or find out. at the library, i will bring home more non-fiction books than best sellers. and, i am usually reading more than one book(or even two) books at a time.

i just wanna KNOW!

so, way back in 1996, when our household first got a computer, i knew it would be a cool gadget, but i didn't know i would fall in love!!

and fall, i did! when we were home schooling, the computer was really helpful with information pertaining to our studies, and, of course, it took over for the old typewriter. we used it to find printables and craft ideas, to learn the lyrics to songs and much more.

now that we have graduated from homeschooling, my usage of the internet has changed. just in the past week, i have printed out recipes, printed off coloring pages for t.w., found and printed off coupons, etc. come to think of it, i LOVE my printer too!

oh, i also use the internet for any kind of information i require. the most recent searches have been: clipart and images for this blog, recipe for spinach and feta triangles, health benefits of rooibos tea (of which, there are many!), how to keep cats out of a newly planted garden, lowe's home page, craigslist cookeville, the year cher was born (1946-she's 64!), green drinks, etc., etc.

my favorite sites to check out are about decorating and crafting, foodie and recipe blogs, internet movie database, etsy,,, youtube and many more too numerous to mention!

whenever we are having a discussion about something and someone wonders about some detail, i will look it up on the computer. anything you want to know, is at your fingertips! i don't know how we ever lived without computers!

i am grateful that:
1. you CAN recover from a computer crash!
2. it IS legal to copy someone else's decorating ideas!
3. there are MANY great sites for toddlers to watch videos and movies


  1. I, too, wonder how we existed bc (before computers). I love answering my and others' how, why, and where questions with a click of my mouse.
    And what would I do without etsy to fill my life?? :)
    Great post, Aurora!!

  2. I'm with you, I love the internet and how everything is available at your fingertips. It's so nice when the hubs and kids what something means, I can just google it! ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)