Monday, April 19, 2010

this rant sucks

okay, let me set the record straight, i am ALL for progress and improvements. but sometimes, what seems like an improvement, is actually NOT!! to be specific, the bagless vacuum. oh, i know, we thought that taking that dirt and yuck filled bag off was "too messy" for our delicate sensibilities. so, then came the invention of the bagless vacuum...what a wonder! what a clever marvel of man's ingenuity! NOT!!!

what sadistic, mean-spirited man invented this contraption??!! and it HAS to have been a man, probably one who had never actually used a vacuum or ever emptied one! so they took this idea of removing one single part that collected dirt and debris and created a vacuum that has SEVERAL parts that collect dirt and debris. and they made it so that there is NO way to empty all these parts without creating another mess that you will, then, have to vacuum up after you are done!!!!!


my own personal vac is a bissell powerforce, 12 amp bagless, with an "easy empty" dirt container. oh yeah, it may be easy, but it is also messy!!

half the time, when i have to empty the dirt cup; the filter cup, which is attached on the bottom, falls off knocking the dirt and hair that has collected on it onto the floor! this sets off a chain-reaction of expletives, then violent banging of the said cup and filter, more expletives and finally the need to get out the wisk broom and dust pan to sweep up the after effects of the cup emptying process. (because, i'll be dipped if i'm going to plug the damn thing in again and re-vacuum!)

okay, now let's get to the part where i have to clean the yucky, cruddy parts and various filters. on this particular model, the bissell powerforce, 12 amp bagless, with an easy empty dirt container, there are no less than eight (yes, 8) removable parts that need to be washed off and cleaned on a regular basis. (nine, if you count the vacuum, itself!) and i DO count the vacuum, because after i remove the eight (yes, 8) parts, i have to take the wisk broom and then, sweep out the dirt cup area thoroughly. i do all this taking apart out on my porch, as it is messy work that creates a large mushroom cloud of dust all around me.

now, i don't think i am an unreasonable person, but this does seem like an awful lot of fuss just to vacuum! am i wrong?

i just long for the good ole days, when there was just one yucky bag to remove and toss in the trash. you can bet, that when this bissell powerforce, 12 amp bagless, with an easy empty dirt container takes it's last breaths, i will be RUNNING to the store to purchase a new, old bagged vacuum!!

and that's the dirt on that!

grateful for:
1. the invention of blogs so i could rant and get that outta my system!
2. the redbud tree out my window
2. the invention of pull-ups for toilet-training toddlers (bet it was a woman that invented them!)


  1. You're ranting and I'm laughing... I KNOW what you mean. I once wrote to Hoover about the very same problem. Bagless is one improvement that is definitely NOT. Although I must say, Dyson (my present vacuum of choice), has greatly improved on this improvement.

  2. Please tell me that you don't have to clean all parts after every vacuum!!!