Friday, April 2, 2010

a little egg-citement!

we dyed our easter eggs a couple nights ago, and i gotta tell ya, t.willie is not big on waiting.

like waiting for the eggs to actually get some color! his motto is "get em in, get em out!"

as a result, it was a very speedy process. it doesn't take long to dye 11 eggs with t.w's method. (one exploded its guts in the boiling water!)

but we had a nice time and t.w is getting some practice in counting. and maybe, we won't even wait til easter to dye eggs again!


in other news--

i was bitten by a neighbor's dog last night. yeah, i hate when that happens...but i'm ok. i have a quarter-sized bruise on the upper part of my leg, just under my "right rear tire". it scared me something fierce, though, since i had t.willie in the stroller! bilbo called the sheriff's dept. after trying, unsuccessfully, to alert the dog's owner. he said they will be cited for "violating the leash law." yeah, i must say, i felt violated!! anyhoo, in tribute to the event, i have written a poem.
(oh, you can't wait, can you?!)

bad black dog bit me by aurorafedora
(alternate title: goddamn dog!)

oh doggy, black doggy
please do not bite me
i'm kind and i'm gentle
i will not hurt thee

your bark and your growl
raise the hair on my skin
i'm just gonna ignore you
and hope you go in

now here you come
but don't come near my kid
you're breath on my hind quarters
has me almost undid!

oh doggy, black doggy
i'm freakin' inside
you're spittin' out death
and i've no where to hide

ah, there you go
back to your yard
we move a bit further
my breathing is hard

my kid, he is waving
and saying "here doggy, here"
i try to be calm
and tell him we don't want it near!

oh doggy, black doggy
here you come again
you aim right for me
i'm crawling outta my skin!

where are my neighbors
who've known me for years
the dog nips my sneaker
i'm almost in tears

he bites me real quick
on the back of my leg
my scream is panicked
in my mind, i beg

oh doggy, black doggy
you scare the crap outta me
now, go away, git!
i'm upset as can be

if you ever should venture
out from beneath
don't you dare come near me
i'll kick you square in the teeth!

grateful that:
1. the dog didn't bite t.w.
2. he didn't hurt me too bad
3. kids are clueless to our weaknesses


  1. Love the Easter egg saga and photos!!
    Not, so, the dog tale (pun intended). But, it did provide the inspiration for your wonderful poetry... :)

  2. dyeing easter eggs sound fun. The bite in the ass - not so much!

  3. A bite in the old keaster is quite an event. I enjoyed the poem, which caused me to chuckle at your misfortune!!!