Thursday, July 29, 2010

and speaking of weddings...

... here is an *etsy article about a handmade wedding. not only did golriz and devon use many handmade and vintage items, but they have to be the happiest couple i have ever seen!! their wedding was the most unique, meaningful and joyous celebration i have ever witnessed (through their video)!!! it is twelve minutes and twenty seconds long, but watch it, you won't be sorry. i could watch it every day and not get tired of this couple's obvious zest for life.

they're young

they're cute

they're silly

they are "doomed" to be happy!!

*for those of you who do not know what etsy is, it's a website where artists and crafters can sell their stuff. and also where you can find really cool vintage items.

1. for brief glimpses into the happiness of others
2. for laughter after tears
3. for ice cream cones on a hot summer day

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  1. Luverly!! A unique and beautiful wedding with a touching ceremony... Thanx for sharing!