Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a budding photographer

(the above image is NOT t.willie, but looks like it could be!)

digital cameras are great. they allow the photographer to delete any bad shots before the picture is developed. for this reason, they're great for kids. t.willie has taken to the camera lately. like, he has become a photographer. he gets a hold of the camera and just takes pictures of whatever manages to get caught in the view finder. the results are usually pretty boring (and pretty blurry)! but yesterday morning he got a shot of his mother that had me in tears with laughter. guess where this pic was taken:

oh yeah, the full picture was REALLY graphic!! i think he has a future as a paparazzi photographer!

here is another very scandalous photo:

and another:

that dog has a sad, sad life!!

and t.w. made sure not to forget the cats, either:

here's one more shot of kaye by t.willie:

all in all, not bad pictures for a two and a half year old! i would like to see what he'd get shots of if he were outside. when the weather clears up, we'll have to take a photo walk. i'll let ya know what compelling subjects he finds!

grateful for :
1. modern technology
2. pre-mixed refrigerated cookie dough
3. summer fruit


  1. What a crack shot he is too!!! Let me say this - his photos are WAY better than my mom's at least he gets their heads in the shot!!!

  2. I think he has a future in the photography field! Great shots!