Tuesday, July 6, 2010

awesomeness in the world

you have probably all received emails with images of julian beever's amazing chalk street paintings. they look so REAL!

but you may not be familiar with another artist named joshua allen harris. his material of choice is bags- plastic trash bags. and his skill in taping bags together to create inflated creatures is WAY COOL!
now, you may know about this already, because he's been doing this since 2008. but again, it's just another one of those things going on in the world of which, i am unaware! volumes could be written about the things i don't know about!

i just found joshua recently in a video on another blog. i think it is such a unique idea, check out this video:

that is just too cool!!
he also did a pro bono ad for the the environmental defense fund, it too is WAY COOL!

yeah, ride, don't drive...just like miss daisy!

1. for two fresh cucumbers from my garden already
2. for my best friend v- you'll hear about her soon!
3. for deep woods off, the ONLY thing that has kept t.willie skeeter bite free


  1. THIS is so AWESOME! I enjoyed that so much, it was like an early morning present with my coffee and made me smile and laugh! I did not know about this guy, what a nice and gifted fellow! He has so much humor, wow all those funny creatures! Thank you for sharing this Joanne!
    Yes and the street paintings are circling on the internet, I saw them, and they are really stunning too!

  2. Yes, both artists are incredible! Here is a video that is mind-boggling. Ethan and I have watched several of these and are just amazed by the creative minds involved.

  3. Wow, it's like they come to life and then lie down to rest until the next train....like it.