Monday, August 2, 2010

it's about TIME

so one time, a long long time ago, bilbo, the gals and i went to michigan at thanksgiving time. bilbo's mom was living there at this time, and we had never been. it was winter time, of course, and there was snow on the ground. when it came time for dinner, my mother-in-law had done the whole deal-thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

now, i forgot to mention, that we had left thanksgiving day, after first eating dinner at my parents' house. we drove however many hours(i forget the time) it took us to get to michigan, and the very next day ate that big dinner at my mother-in-law's! i gotta tell ya, i did not need another big meal at that time! but it was yummy. she was, at that time, as now, a very good cook.

so where this story is heading, is this... bilbo's mom had, at that time, a clock/radio/phone on her bedside table. i had said that i liked it and she said so did she. and she told us where she had gotten it and said that she thought they still had them. well, at that time, i was in the market for a new clock radio and i liked the idea of one with a phone attached. heck, you could tell the time, listen to music AND talk on the phone all at the same time!

so we went and bought one and took it home.

fast forward in time twenty one years and we are now talking current time.

the other evening, bilbo was getting ready for bed and was reaching for his sudoku book when he heard the radio on my clock/radio/phone come on. at this time, he called me into the room. he said it came on, played two lines of a song and then went off. i didn't believe him, as he has been known to bullshit from time to time. but i turned the radio on and it was playing the song he said he heard.

yeah, weird, i know! but it got me thinking and i remembered that time, so long ago, that we had gone to michigan at thanksgiving time and gotten it.

so i said, "remember that time we went to your mom's for thanksgiving?" he said "yeah." so i mentioned that the girls had been 5 and 3 at that time, so it was like, 21 years ago. a good ripe age for a clock/radio/phone!

well, at my bedtime that night, i set my alarm and went to bed. the next morning, the alarm came on at the correct time and i turned it off. i laid back in bed to wake up a bit more and ten seconds later-BOOM! on came the radio again! i just laid there and giggled at that time, thinking about our conversation the night before.

well, i thought, i guess it's my clock/radio/phone's time.
for a new alarm clock!

1. for appliances that stand the test of time
2. for time to reflect on the past
3. for good times with my honey


  1. Do you think that store still has them?

  2. Very timely blog post... So glad I took the time to read it!!

  3. It served you well for a long TIME!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog Joanne - glad to share the Jersey Shore love with you :)

  4. I can see you had a good time writing this Joanne!

  5. I think it is time for your next post!!!