Sunday, July 18, 2010

they read minds

if you have children, did you ever think they read your mind? when i was a young mother with a husband who was in the navy and seldom home, kaye and i had a special bond. this was before elle was born( and life got more hectic).

i would just be thinking a random thought, like "hmm, we haven't been to the library in awhile, maybe we'll go today." and within minutes, little two year old kaye would say "mama, we go libewy? i want lotsa books." it would blow me away. or i would be thinking i could really go for having grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. and then she would ask for it. there was not any rational explanation for it, she just felt my vibe, man!!

this happened over and over. after elle came along, she would read my mind too, but not as often as kaye.

now one morning recently, i took the dog out and noticed the first big tomato in my garden was ready to pick. i thought i'd wait til later when t.willie awoke and let him pick it. i went back inside and into t.w.'s room. he sat up and the very first words out of his mouth were "i pick a mato?" i said "what?!" and he repeated "i pick a mato, gammie?" so i repeated after him "you wanna pick a tomato?" he answered "yes." i just stood there amazed. how could you explain it? we were not in the habit of picking tomatoes yet, and certainly not first thing in the morning! freaky!!

and a couple nights ago, bilbo told me this story... he and t.w. were riding over to my parent's house. bilbo saw a box turtle in the road and thought about stopping to show it to t.w. but then he noticed a car was right behind him so, he didn't say anything and just drove on. then, as they were returning home, at that spot in the road, bilbo thought about the turtle and was glad to see it was not dead in the road. at that moment, t.willie said "wanna see turtle, pop." bilbo just looked at him and said "you wanna see a turtle?" "yeah", said t.w.

how do they do it? you tell me.

i am grateful:
1. that they can't seem to read "dirty" minds!
2. for sonic's two-for-one shakes
3. tv shows that play online


  1. I don't have memories of my kids doing that. BUT... I had 4 kids in 4 1/2 years, so actually I don't remember much of anything except chaos!! :)

  2. Sometimes it happens to us, but not is such a specific manner - sounds like a pretty awesome gift you all have, though!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I'm actually in Middletown, which is about a half hour north of Brick - although I've spent a lot of time in there. What a small world - sounds like being a Jersey girl in the south suits you just fine!

  3. F R E A K Y !!!!!!!
    Nooooo, S W E E T !

  4. It is called transferance - so what kids do is that they steal your brain - you know they drive you crazy, they make you sing to Barney - play with toys until you're just not sure where 'you' went - so then you give them a hug and that sponge that is their little brain taking in all of yours gives you some back and during that whole transferance thing they steal your thoughts. so they kind have part of your brain. Sounds good anyway - yes it used to happen with mine too still does sometimes.

  5. haha! woodwife, i like your explanation!!

  6. Yeah, mine used to do that. Can't think of any specific instances, but remember many times thinking "wow, how did they know exactly what was on my mind".

  7. Kira and I still "share thoughts" quite often, though she is grown up and far away. It is comforting.

    But that turtle thing? freaky!