Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the hottest wedding photos EVER- part 2

so, ok, where was i? oh yeah, i was busy bossing around parents and grandparents at a wedding. here are erica and her parents:

about this time, the guys were going to put their boutonnieres on, when they realized there were no pins attached. a mad search for some kind of pins ensued, to no avail.

here is a shot of mel holding the boutonniere bouquet:

he looked very pretty, don't you think?! ok, on with the ceremony...

it took so long for the little flower girl, tina, to do her thing, that i was not prepared for the rest of the procession. everyone was busy looking at tina, they didn't turn around to see the rest.

there was no music or announcement- they just started coming. i did the best i could. but unfortunately, i didn't get very good shots of anyone!

here is an unflattering picture of elle (shh, don't tell her) :

and here came erica and her dad:

her dad and her son walked her down the aisle, very sweet:

the before ceremony prayer:

who gives this purty gal's hand in marriage? her mama and her daddy do, ya'll. yeah, that's not really how it went, but this is tennessee, it was something like that!

yes, that's a tiger on my baby girl's back:

this picture is just too cute- curt holding best man, sam's, hand:

now, these next shots (and i'm not too proud to say it) were taken from the ground where i was crouching down at the bride's dad's feet. at one point, i was actually crawling along the ground to the other side of the aisle. i am that good.

do you mel? i do.
do you erica? i do.

ok, here comes the kiss. i love this shot. notice the smiles on elle and sam at the sides of the picture:

folks, here are mr. and mrs. married people!


the bridal party:

i know this post was long and image heavy. but here is one more:

i'm sorry, but i am proud of my pictures, so i will conclude tomorrow with one more wedding photo post....promise!


  1. LOVE your photos - you are really so good. Love 'the hands' that one is great. Then the ones where they are performing the ceremony - great shots even if you had to crawl to get them!! In one the white of her dress has a sort of white ethereal quality around it too!! Pat yourself on the back for me girl!! You is good.

  2. Great photos. Wish I was there to see you crawling around!

  3. Lovely photos - looks like you worked your keester off out there in that hot sun! You did a great job!

  4. Great photos!! If I ever decide to get married again, I'll call ya...