Monday, July 19, 2010

bike wreck

ha! but really, no cats were injured in the filming of this stunt! he just happened to lie down under the fallen bike. in fact, before i took the picture, his head was resting on the handle bars! goofy kitty....

in other news, there will be no post tomorrow as i will be having oral surgery and probably won't feel much like talking. blog talking, that is...or any talking, but you know what i mean!! i do hope to be back in action on wednesday with another riveting post for all my loyal readers. don't worry, it won't be a play by play of my surgery!!

1. for easy summer suppers
2. for friends made in the blogging world
3. and also for friends made elsewhere!


  1. Are you sure that cat wasn't riding the bike??

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow when you're "under the knife". You could probably make even a surgery play by play funny...

  2. Oh dear!
    Good news is, the day after tomorrow it is behind you!! I wish you quick healing Joanna!
    The Photo is lovely and funny!

  3. What a great photo; I can imagine how he looked with his head on the handlebars, too! Good luck with oral surgery. Aargh!