Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the hottest wedding photos EVER- conclusion

oh, a-wedding we will go!!!

i know, it must seem to you that this wedding goes on and on, but really, it was only one afternoon. last post ended at the end of the ceremony. there was a newly married couple, smiles all around, much congratulations and, of course, profuse sweating.

as the guests drove over to the church where the reception was being held, the bride, groom and i drove over to the groom's dad's house. he had just built a house on the edge of a bluff and the view was amazing. because of that, mel and erica wanted some pictures taken there.

here are a few:

i have to tell ya, i kept getting the urge to say "please don't lose your balance!" especially when they took this pose:

apparently they are captain morgan fans.

then we walked over to the pond on the property for a few more shots:

after that, we went on to the reception. there were not many chances for good photos, but i did get this:

and this...LOVE it!!:

outside, we took more family pictures and some "gal pal" shots, such as:

so, ok, i've tortured you enough. but...but....oh, just one more!


the end.


  1. You were crawling on the ground again to get that last one, I bet. Great shots!

  2. Quite an adventure you had Joanna on this hot and meaningful day! You mastered your task with skill, diligence and humor! Very good!

  3. Love the last one!! Perfect ending to a perfect day; and captured by a perfect photographer...

  4. Love the last shot - the bride and groom should be every happy with these photos!!!

  5. Great job Juggster. You really captured the tone of the day.