Monday, July 26, 2010

the hottest wedding photos EVER- part 1

ok, ok, the weather was HOT, not so much the photos. as i stated on my last post, i was photographing a wedding this past saturday. i am not a photographer, just a serial picture taker. i was asked by elle's friends, mel and erica, to take pics at their wedding. they offered to pay me, so i said i would. (duh!) i was prepared, i did my research, i charged my batteries.

well..........i gotta tell ya, i earned every bit of that money!!! it was HOT! maybe the hottest day of summer so far. the outside wedding took place at the groom's grandparents' home. the ceremony was to take place in a partially shady spot under some trees, with a pond and a pasture of cows in the background. very picturesque.

i started taking shots inside as the bride-to-be was getting dressed. her mom and bridesmaid, (my elle), and two friends assisting. (the bad lighting and close quarters made photos a challenge)

lacing up the back of the gown proved to be quite a challenge and also time-consuming. here is elle giving it her best effort:

the bridal party chose to all wear converse high top sneakers...gotta love the look!

so after taking a few shots in "the dressing room", i went out into the living room and, in a roomful of people, asked for all the wedding guys (including two little ones) to follow me out back. it was really a rush to be bossing people around and having them listen unquestioningly!! i took a few decent shots of the guys and sent them back into the air conditioning to rest.

here is mel in the front, erica's dad to the left and best man to the right:

here is mel, his 8 month old son and erica's son, curt:

after erica was all dressed, i pulled her and the gals outside for a couple shots. here are erica, elle and their friend dee:

and here is erica's son, cute curt!

i continued to drink massive amounts of water, as i started pulling moms, dads and grandparents from the crowd. i was on a roll, playing the role, man! i would just say, i need you now and, boom, they were there ready to do my bidding!

here is erica and her grandparents:

erica and mel's grandparents:

mel and his mom:

i guess that's enough for today's post. you can click on any image to enlarge. i will have part two tomorrow.

for now, i will leave you with this photo of erica and her son:


  1. I am very impressed with your photos - a really great job!! You are the boss!! Oh wait that spot is saved for Bruce oh well, you were the boss for a day anyway!! AND everyone had to listen to you!!

  2. Great photos!! So glad you enjoyed playin' the role... You rock!

  3. Joanne you had a great and special day and learned a lot! AND you really did a wonderful job! (Maybe a new profession????) :-)

    All the photos are beautiful - but that last one!!! WOW! You captured not only beauty, but you captured the most lovely feelings between a mother and her boy!