Friday, July 23, 2010

dearly beloved

so, i am going to a wedding tomorrow. actually, i was asked to be the photographer at the wedding tomorrow. i am just an amateur with a very amateur digital camera, but the bride and groom said they'd PAY me so...hey, tomorrow, i'm a wedding photographer!! my mama didn't raise no fool! well, actually, she did. have ya met my brother? hahaha kidding! just kidding!! no fools in our family tree. just monkeys....

anyhoo, it will be another scorcher tomorrow. 97 degrees again, lovely weather for an OUTSIDE wedding. and the ceremony is at 1:00 in the afternoon, peak baking hour!! i plan on wearing my dressiest bathing suit and sunhat. okay, not really but i wish i could! me and heat don't like each other so wish me luck at not passing out long enough to take a few food pictures. hopefully, i will have some to show you next week.

have a great weekend......

(click on photo to purchase that beautiful shabby chic bird cage)

1. for my digital camera
2. bottled water
3. shade trees


  1. Just be sure and have an icy cold drink in your hand at all times!!

  2. Have a great time, try not to swoon. BTW the photo doesn't have a link :(

  3. Hope you didn't melt - you know, "oh what a world what a world" and all that.