Friday, September 3, 2010

little red

this is a youtube video of tomas nilssonse of sweden. it's of his school project to reinterpret a fairy tale. he chose little red riding hood.
he surely ACED this assignment! i absolutely loved this-so creative!!
(click on the youtube link or the van image, could not embed video) i hope you enjoy it too.

here is his personal website

grateful today for:
1. a bathroom near by...don't ask!
2. the possibility of rain
3. fall is in the air!


  1. This is amazing! I just wish it would be slower, I wanted to read everything!!!

    I had this "bathroom nearby thing" (don't ask)
    yesterday by myself!!! SO thankful!!!! :-)

  2. Oh, and yes, fall is in the air (very faintly) here too - but NO, no possibility of rain yet!!!

  3. Tomas has an amazing the way he's so out Big Bad Wolf!!! LOL