Tuesday, August 31, 2010

communication gap

you may have noticed a lack of posts in the last week. sorry 'bout that. just have been very busy-

a) getting t.willie settled into preschool
b) getting bilbo ready for his vacation
c) getting around to those pesky house cleaning jobs that are not easy to do with a small "helper"
and also
d) just not much to blog about

but i did want to share with you a short conversation between t.w. and i.

he: gammie?

me: t.willie?

he: yes, gammie?

hahahahahaha he kills me!! such a short attention span, he forgot he started the conversation!

1. for the beautiful weather
2. that when the "check engine" light lit up on my car, it didn't mean anything except that my gas cap was loose-yay!
3. that t.w seems to like school pretty well, although he says "there's too much kids!"


  1. Missed you! You should NEVER be too busy to blog. Your posts make me smile... :)

  2. Your posts make me smile, too and I'm not even your mother!! I've not been around blog land as much, either..but I do like coming across your posts..and your mother's!

  3. Yay you are back Joanne, I missed you, I was hoping you are fine, good to hear that you are! Sweet photo gammie!!

  4. That little guy is adorable. Looking forward to some funny pre-school stories when the back to school dust settles :)

  5. I can completely identify with t.willie