Monday, September 13, 2010

a FAIRly great time

we took t.willie to the fair friday night. he was entranced! he looked all around him as we entered the gate and a big smile lit up his face.

we walked around for awhile, checking out the classic cars, motorcycles and tractors, the petting zoo, the steam engine and the poultry house.

the petting zoo was fun, lotsa cute little animals and t.w. had to pet each one.

(oh yeah, bilbo and t.w. had matching tee shirts)

t.w. loved the roosters and chickens! ( i have to admit, i like them too!)

i would think a young kid would think they were kinda scary. they were very LOUD and very active, sticking their heads out of their cages. but he was really interested in them and asked us all kinds of questions. we had to watch him closely because he wanted to pet them!

there were also many rabbits that had t.w. all excited, as some of them resembled cats.

the steam engine also interested him and bilbo had to explain what it was doing and what it was for. t.w. took it all in. after that, we ate at the rescue squad booth, then headed over to the rides.

we did a loop, just looking at what was there and showing t.willie what he could ride. to say he was excited is a big understatement! he was just gazing all around him at the lights and the people and all the activity. it was really fun to watch him.

(no, he's not picking his nose! he's studying the helicopter.)
the most fun was when we came upon a helicopter on the ground. they were giving rides and as we watched, a man and his son got in and the helicopter went up.

as it started moving over us, t.w. started running as if to chase it and he was shouting "guys, you see dat? guys, hey guys!!!" something like that, he was REALLY excited!!!!

as for the other rides, he finally decided he would ride the merry-go-round if i would go with him. we gave our tickets and picked out our horse. t.w. was smiling at first as we were waiting for it to start. but the longer it took, the more unsure he became. he tried to bail out but i held on to him, telling him just wait, he'd love it. as the ride started moving, he got a little concerned. but when he realized the horse just went up and down as the merry-go-round turned, he relaxed and really got into it. he'd wave to kaye and bilbo as we whizzed by and was grinning and giggling happily. he said "gammie, this is fun!" we went on the ride two more times, and each time, he insisted i go with him, no one else. i guess it's our signature ride! at one point, as the ride went faster, he turned around to the other riders and yelled "guys, it's windy! it's windy guys!!" he kills me!

there were other rides t.w. wanted to go on, but when he realized he'd have to go alone, he decided not to. he had a ball just walking around and watching the other kids having fun. my mom and dad joined us at one point and we had ice cream and funnel cake. soon after that, it was time to go. even though he was exhausted, t.w. left unwillingly! he LOVED the fair! and so did we! nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

1. for simple pleasures
2. for family
3. for funnel cake


  1. Awww it reminded me of when we took our boys to the fair when they were little. Thanks for bringing back some good memroies and thank t.w. too!!!

  2. What a fun time, and more great memories to store away. This GG (great-grandmother) enjoyed the fair more than ever before. Must have been the t.w. influence... :)

  3. i would have liked some funnel cake... and cotton candy... but i wasn't invited. glad t. had fun though.

  4. What a wonderful post Joanne! And you know already what I think about this little fellow!!
    I was so pleased to see you in the photos - it is wonderful to have a face to the stories now- your smile is very lovely!!

  5. yeah yeah yeah.....ya'll look pretty good, but t.willie is definitely the best lookin'

  6. t.w. is like a tiny sponge, soaking up life's experiences, and you can see the concentration and delight in his face! He'a a keeper for sure! Thanks for taking me back to childhood memories.... xxx

  7. What fun Joanne - I love these kinds of fairs in the summer and watching the kids at them is a blast. Looks like T. Willy had an amazing, life changing time!
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