Monday, September 27, 2010

copy CAT

the other morning, t.willie tipped this chair over, climbed into the legs and said "take my picture gammie".

a short while later, i came into the room and found this:

too funny

1. for the return of soup weather- we had split pea with ham tonight
2. for warranties on appliances- have to get a replacement part for my washing machine (that we bought in APRIL!)
3. for a husband with which to be goofy


  1. Adorable!! What a pair!
    Thanx for sharing... :)

  2. Kids and cats. I have a picture where David was in a box and then he put the cat in the box - no the cat was not named Jack.

  3. Joey, this grandson of your is a born "ham", as you already know. Now, he is teaching the cat to be one too! LOL Way to go that kid!

  4. you must post more mama!!! you know people miss you!