Wednesday, September 15, 2010

he's a trip, but he's no vacation!!

1) so the other day, i had put t.willie down for a nap and settled in to snooze, myself. after a few minutes, i heard him playing. i went in and put him back in bed and told him firmly to go to sleep. a few minutes later, i heard him again. i repeated my instructions and told him if he got out of bed again, he would get a spanking. all was quiet for about 25 minutes and i assumed he was sleeping. suddenly, i heard his door opening and i was getting ready to get real mad, when he said, "gammie, it's bue-full day out! get up, get up!" oh my freakin' heck, how can you be mad at that??!!

2) we put up a baby gate at the end of our hallway every night, to keep the dog out of trouble. this morning, t.w. was standing at it, planning to crawl under it but buster was on the other side in his way. i heard him say "hup, two, free, four-go away buster!" he kills me.

3) this morning,t.w. emptied his toy box and put his pillow and a blanket down in it. he called me to his room and as he climbed in and curled up, he told me to cover him. so i got a blanket and started to tuck him in. "no, no gammie", he said "make me poof!" so then i realized he wanted me to cover the toy box itself. i said "poof, you're gone!!" and a little boy giggle came from under the blanket.

no vacation:
just before lunch, kaye told t.willie to pick up all his toys and put them back in his toy box. she gave him 10 minutes and i set the timer. he went in his room but didn't seem to be in any hurry to do the job. so kaye told him that when the timer went off, any toys left on the floor would go to another little boy. this did seem to worry t.w. a bit and he picked up a toy fishing net and started putting small items into it. he then dumped them into a container. then he filled the net again and before he could dump it in the toy box, he noticed some waffle blocks and started building with them. kaye impressed on him the need to hurry as the clock was ticking. he said "stop ticking clock", but still didn't put anything else away. meanwhile, i noticed the timer was on three minutes, so i added three more. there was still a huge pile of toys in the middle of the floor.

needless to say, after adding more minutes to the timer many times, it did finally beep and kaye put all the toys into a box, all the while t.w. was bawling and pleading and carrying on. as she attempted to go out the door to put it in her car, t.w. was clinging to her pant leg and screaming "no, mama, i'm sorry, no NOOOOOOOOO!" well, you get the idea. i took him and wiped his snotty nose and reminded him that he had plenty of time to do the job and plenty of warning of the consequences. he did eventually calm down and i thought he had forgotten all about it. i was at the sink washing dishes when he came over and hugged me. looking up he said, "gammie, will you help me get my toys out of mama's car?" oh, holy moly! somebody help me!!

grateful today:
1. for that crazy little boy who sometimes drives me crazy!
2. for the really cool spider who made his web just outside my window
3. that my vow to not eat any fast food this month has not been a problem and i don't even miss it


  1. What a trip for sure - ahhhh bringss back so many memories of my boys.....glad they are grown now .....but someday I will have grandkids....then it will start all over again..better enjoy my free time!!!!!

  2. He's a trip alright!! And he's takin' you all with him... :)
    Wonder where he gets that wild and crazy sense of humor??

  3. Gammie, DID you help him get his toys out of mama's car?????
    That little boy is a piece of gold! So are you Joanne!

  4. I remember one time being a bad little girl, not cleaning my room, and MY mom threatened to get rid of all the toys that weren't picked up. She made good on her promise to take them away but I found them in the garage months (maybe years) later. What a liar..

  5. LOL and LOL, you had me at the title Jo!!! t.w is a tiny mischief machine, with a heart of gold and a gammie and mamma whos'e own hearts he can wiggle into. Be as strong as you can, LOL!

  6. Love it! How cute. You guys hang in there. stay strong. :-) He is smart as a whip. Wonder where he gets it?

  7. check out this chick's blog:

    she used to write for a group blog i read but then she went and had a baby. but her baby is freaking adorable and she is totally hilarious, i think you'll like reading her. : )