Tuesday, September 7, 2010

squeaky clean

so, today, after grocery shopping, i was sitting at the table eating lunch. i hadn't finished putting things away, and there on the table in front of me was this bottle of dish soap*. what caught my eye were the words "drug facts". wait...drug facts?? on dish soap???

this had my attention. apparently triclosan .10 % is the heavy drug in this particular bottle of dish soap. (ah, triclosan, i think i remember getting high on that in high school.) according to wikipedia, triclosan is a potent wide spectrum antibacterial and antifungal agent. It is a polychloro phenoxy phenol.

polychloro phenoxy phenol? i LOVE that!!! try saying that three times fast.

so, i read more. the warnings reminded the consumer to use for external use only and to get medical help if swallowed...or follow with a dirty dish chaser. hahaha i kill me!

the directions said- "wash hands and rinse." wait wait wait!!!! wash HANDS?? i thought this was dish soap*!! so i turned the bottle around and read "for sparkling dishes!" ok, nothing unusual here. but, no wait, down below all the labeled words, in very small, hard-to-see, white print, it says "hand soap". WTF??!!

now, i knew you could use dish soap as hand soap, but i didn't know that hand soap was also considered dish soap. i'm so confused. but you can bet i will look more closely at my groceries from now on! who knows what amazing facts i will uncover.

1. for time spent ALOOOONE!!!
2. for the awesomeness that is netflix
3. for dark chocolate


  1. I only read cereal boxes myself. No drug facts and no instructions for use. Less stress in MY life...

  2. who knew reading labels could be so much fun and informative if not downright scary!!! This relates to your fast food 'fast' ha ha - no really if you read all the ingredients in all that stuff you would REALLY never eat it again!!

  3. LOL, your post made me go and read MY detergent bottle...it's safe on hands, but must be kept out of reach of children and eyeballs! Who knew? Very creative post J...thought provoking and fun! xx