Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the pain, oh the pain

i woke up this morning totally unable to move my head without a whole lotta bad bad bad pain. it hurt, it really hurt! kaye called her chiropractor and got me in. the doctor assessed the situation and declared "wow! i haven't seen a neck this bad in a long time." yeah, i am an overachiever. anyway, i came home and had still been in about the same condition until five o'clock, when i remembered i had percocet left over from my recent oral surgery. i took one and laid down for a couple hours. here it is 8:40 and i feel A LOT better! i have quite a bit more movement and quite a bit less pain. YAY percocet!!!! man, i wished i had thought of it hours ago! anyhoo, i plan on feeling much better by tomorrow, and crossing "stiff neck" off my to-do list.

1. for prescription drugs (sometimes!)
2. for kaye and bilbo in picking up the slack
3. for homemade 'smores, which have NOTHING to do with the above story, but i'm thankful for them, nontheless


  1. Oh Joey, I'm so sad to hear you are unwell...I hope your pain goes away for good very soon...sending healing thoughts your way. xx

  2. So glad the drugs did the trick!! Hope you are much better come morning... Love ya!!

  3. Eijajei! That sucks!!!! Oh, I hate when this happens to me, and it does sometimes, you know trying to escape the heat and using the ventilator or the air condition to much!
    I am glad you are better already Joanne!

  4. Sorry about your pain in the neck. I have a few of them around here LOL!!!

  5. Hope you're feeling better Joanne!