Thursday, March 3, 2011

recovering from a virus

just been resting and taking it easy after the virus this past week.

 oh, not me, my computer!! yeah, apparently, my computer had a virus. but my friend, mary is a genius with computer viruses. so we are up and running again after just a short down time.

it's times like this that remind me how much i love my computer. i know, i know- can a person really love their computer? well, i am here to tell you, that, yes, yes they can!! my computer and i have had many wonderful adventures together. such as:

i remember back when bilbo and i were on the south beach diet, computer and i made many searches for menus, recipes and guidelines. then there was the time i was really interested in herbs, we did much research together. and, another time, i was heavily into downloading fonts (okay, i am still a font fanatic!). computer and i also search for recipes, music, quotes, exercise and other tips. and the amount of time we spend looking at crafts and decorating sites is very very numerous!

oh, the fun times we have had! so many memories! i am happy and grateful to have my computer back and feeling well again. i hope you and your computer are doing fine also...

here's a face for ya:

 have a splendiferous weekends folks!


  1. I understand because I love my computer too - very very much.

  2. So, you're not grateful today??? I mean other than that your puter has made a miraculous recovery?? Just wondering... :)

  3. Glad your little friend is all better :)

  4. So glad your PC is over it's hissy fit, dear Jo. I HATE when mine goes offline for any reason, so I am filled with empathy! Gorgeous candid of t.w. too :) Hugz. xx

  5. Hi T.W. - I am so glad granny has this machine with which she can show us beautiful pictures of you and tell us the stories of your growing up! Have a nice weekend buddy!

    Ah yes Joanne - just wondering too!!! :-)

  6. Oh that's not good at at all! Hopefully you'll be back soon!