Tuesday, March 29, 2011

phlegm, you are no friend of mine!

how did that title reach out and grab ya??!! you may have noticed i have not posted in several days, well, i have been siiiiiick! t.w. had gotten a cold and shared it with me (see, he has learned to share!). it turned into a sinus infection and as, you may have guessed, phlegm has been my constant companion! when i was thinking about my hoarse, croaky voice, it reminded me of that episode of "friends" where phoebe had a cold and thought her phlegm-riddled voice sounded sexy. so, here are some clips from that episode. enjoy!

grateful today:
1. that it's just a sinus infection and not something worse
2. that the recent tornado that touched down a couple miles from our house, missed our house!
3. that ants are the worse problem at the hellhole right now, considering the whole japan mess


  1. Hope you are 100% ASAP. Those storms were bad weren't they? Glad the tornado missed you. We had one up here too - by Tansi.

  2. Get better, Joey!! And phelgm is NOT sexy!

  3. oh my sticky shoes...my sticky sticky shoes....

  4. Oh poor YOU!!! I hate it when me or my buddies are not well. Get completely well really soon; I know from bitter experience about sinus infections...you must have your mom's traits. I don't think the Share Fairy had infections in mind when she taught t.w.about sharing though. Boy I am glad the Hellhole remains in one piece; tornados sre no laughing matter. Hugz. xxx