Tuesday, March 8, 2011

*marching right along*

well, here it is only march 8th and we have already had a couple special occasions  here at the ole hellhole. on saturday, we had a very short birthday party (those of you who were here, just nod and agree) for the six year old daughter of a friend. i made chocolate cupcakes with pale green frosting. tinkerbell picks, which i made at the last minute were on top of a few. and since the whole shindig was planned at the last minute, that was my only choice!they were yummy.

then on sunday, i baked a mardi gras cake for another friend's business party.i will not call it a king cake, since it wasn't actually one, just a bundt cake with the pretty sugar. i had to make the purple sugar since i only had the yellow and green. i had never actually made my own colored sugar before, in fact, had never even thought about making it before. but i was at a blog recently where she suggested you could actually do that and i was like "hey, make my own colored sugar? what a brilliant concept! my life as i know it, will never be the same!" so after my first attempt using regular food color-which made more of a grayish purple (ew!), i tried my gel food color, which actually had a purple. that one made a very purty shade of purple-yay!!  that cake was yummy too.

so now we are coming up on st. patrick's day, the 17th and mine and bilbo's wedding anniversary, the 18th. if you have been reading this blog for a year now, then you already know of this family's fondness for corned beef and cabbage.  

the traditional dinner will once again be served but we will have some dinner guests who have never had it before. (we're secretly hoping they don't like it, cuz then it's MORE FOR US!!) and i have a dessert planned that i'm hoping will top last year's rainbow cake. it is my own amazing creation so you know ya wanna see it!! i will be sure to take lots of pictures and bore all of you with them here. stay tuned folks...

grateful today:
1. for peace and quiet
2. for mary, our computer genius (forgot to say that last time!)
3. for kaye and t.willie reading in the next room


  1. Sounds like you're munching your way through March!! Very creative baking, as usual...

  2. I gained 5 pounds reading this!!

  3. The little birthday party sounds like such fun! Wish I was there!

  4. Such pretty cakes! I love the Mardi Gras one!

  5. Just in the mood for a choccy cupcake, and there they are! Yummy coincidence :) I think Suzula is right about this being your munching month, with lots of celebrations, and here's me only thinking about St Patrick's Day...what do I know? Cakes look delish with a capital D!