Friday, March 11, 2011

but seriously, folks...

i've just learned about this beautiful woman's predicament. this photo was taken on layla's wedding day, in happier times. since then, she has been inundated with health issues and is in need of some medical procedures to assess her current condition. but without insurance, she will not get the medical attention she needs. i do not know her, but how awful to have to live with such pain and see no hope in sight. this website, Operation Layla, is a place where other bloggers and blog readers can donate money to help. please consider helping if you can. thanks...joanne

click on title or image to go to the website.


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  2. Very sad. She is so young and beautiful...
    But, we have lovely and beautiful women right in our family with health issues and no insurance and they are who I must help.

  3. It is sad. I, too, have health issues and am under insured--meaning that we pay for it every month and still have enormous medical bills. Health care is so extremely important!!! Sending healing thoughts at least! xo

  4. well, my thought with this post, was that if you could not donate, then you might at least spread the word...