Monday, March 14, 2011

good laughternoon!!

time for some funny...

so, as you might know, i am stuck with lucky enough to have my 3 yr old grandson living with me. he had been a perfect dream child up until he turned three. since then, he hath turneth rotten!! stubborn and strong-willed, he is a real trial for my hubby and i. however, the one saving grace he has (besides being adorable) is that he is very funny. here are some examples...enjoy:

looking up at the ceiling fan turning- "that's 'mazing!! how it do that? how it get up there?"

me- "wanna share some cake with me?"
him- yes! good idea!!

i yelled at him for crawling around on the floor and messing up piles(of books and junk). he said " i'm just trying to make myself comfortable."

as i was driving him to preschool i said "have fun at school, okay?" he answered " thanks."

i was watching him put his sneakers on by himself one morning and he told me "don't you keep yer eye on me!"

me- "do you have to go potty again?"
him- with a big sigh he said "i suppose so."

i fixed him a quesadilla for lunch one day. he sat there messing around and not eating. i told him he needed to eat so he could grow big and strong. he picked at it for a few minutes then finally told me "i'm not gonna eat my deesa quea."

and finally-
yesterday while he was coloring with his crayons, he took one and made a blue streak across the carpet. he boldly told me what he'd done, because he was being a stinker and trying to get my attention. i yelled at him, smacked him and took his crayons away. he was crying and carrying on and sobbed " but gammie, crayons are really fascinating!"

grateful today:
1. that 3 yr olds turn four
2. that oxi clean gets crayon out of carpet
3. that it's almost corned beef day! (aka st. patrick's day)


  1. Less than 7 months 'til 4, and hopefully pre-school. Just keep laughing and you'll make it.

  2. This is so funny. I LOVED it. Kids - 3 year olds!! Awards for patince.

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again: that boy is lucky he's cute because he sure is B-A-D.

  4. Hehehehe...funny little gadget is t.w.! He has you all wrapped firmly round his little finger :) I am GLAD your carpet cleaned up OK though! Otherwise, ARGH! Luv it all :) Hugz. xxx