Friday, February 25, 2011

just one word-- ritalin?

so in love with this kid-three year old jonathan (although, he's probably 4 by now!) conducting a beethoven symphony. how awesome is he!?! wish i had just one iota of his energy!!
turn up the sound and go full screen- *enjoy*

1. for my sewing machine
2. for my microwave heated rice bag (neck pain anyone?)
3. for blogs that keep me laughing


  1. How adorable!!! He's really feelin' the music!

  2. Hard to conduct a symphony when your nose is itchin'. I wonder what he sees in his mind's eye as he takes us through the music? That is some little kid! I pray for more energy for us all :)

  3. Cute! If onlywe could bottle that energy and enthusiasm!

  4. That is too funny for words. Love him!